Dzombo Hunting Safaris' Namibia


Dzombo Hunting Safari’s was established in 2015 by Japsie Blaauw, a Professional Hunter with extensive experience in the fields of hunting, conservation, leadership and education. Dzombo Hunting Safari’s believes that hunting and the trophy hunting industry, with a focus on educating local communities on conservation, has a significant role to play in conservation in Namibia and Africa as a whole.

The inspiration for the name Dzombo Hunting Safari’s was drawn from legendary conservation work. Over thirty year ago seven impressive elephant bulls, all with tusks weighing more than 50kg (100lb) each, could be found in the Kruger National Park. They were given the collective name, The Magnificent Seven, and Dzombo was one of them. Dzombo is derived from the Tsonga word Dzombolo meaning ‘to wait for something that is slow in coming’.

The core and sole business of Dzombo Hunting Safari’s are guided hunting trips across Africa, combined with tourism as well as education in developing villages and communicates throughout Namibia on the importance of protecting wild life, their environment and how to co-exist.

We pride ourselves on the good standing with local government and hunting associations, including international hunting and conservation associations. Our core vales are based on respect, integrity and to inspire mankind with our passionate and adventurous outlook on life.