Meet the Team...

When it comes to hunting, especially in unknown terrain, it is of the utmost importance to have a competent and highly experienced team to work with. This insures you get the best trophy and reduces the chance of having one of those ‘the one that got away’ moments.

Our team at Dzombo Hunting Safaris is at the top of their game and has a proven track record from numerous successful hunts. We also boast to being the winners of the 2016 and 2017 DSC Annual Professional Hunter Challenge.


For a World-class Hunting Safari in Namibia and the Rest of Africa


Japsie Blaauw
Big game PH, Owner
An experienced Professional Hunter with a wide range of dangerous game hunts under his belt. Japsie loves the outdoors and is has been referred to being the ‘quarter back’ of Dzombo Hunting Safari’s. He believes in trust, honesty and respect for his fellow man, built on the foundation of his Christian beliefes.

Jacobus Wasserfall
Big game PH, Manager
Jacobus has been in the hunting industry since 2012 and has grown into a top class PH. His love for the outdoors and special people skills makes him a crowd favorite on a hunt and around campfires.


Titus Anders
His honor is his everything. Titus grew up in the Northern parts of Namibia, also called Wambo Land, and his knowledge of the bush and animals knows no boundaries. Once it comes to field preparation and tracking, Titus is the best in his field.