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Japsie Blaauw


Dzombo Hunting Safari’s was established in 2015 by Japsie Blaauw. Japsie is a Professional Hunter with extensive experience in hunting, conservation, leadership, and education.


Hunting has a significant role to play in conservation in Namibia and Africa as a whole.


Our continent is known for rich and colorful cultures, friendly people, exhilarating adventures and breath-taking natural beauty.


Dzombo Hunting Safaris can assist in arranging some additional sightseeing, interesting excursions or alternative activities for our travelers and observers.



Elephant in Wild


The inspiration for the name Dzombo Hunting Safari’s was drawn from legendary conservation work.


Over thirty years ago seven impressive elephant bulls, all with tusks weighing more than 50kg (100lb) each, could be found in the Kruger National Park.


They were given the collective name, The Magnificent Seven, and Dzombo was one of them.

Dzombo is derived from the Tsonga word Dzombolo meaning ‘to wait for something that is slow in coming’.



Dzombo Hunting Safari’s offer guided hunting and tourism trips across Africa. Our trips are open to men, women and children.

Our professional hunters have experience in Big Game Hunting and Plains Game Hunting

in different locations throughout Africa.

The hunting areas of Namibia and Zambia, are carefully selected to offer the highest

quality trophies. This is made possible through strict game management programmes.

We also educate developing villages and communicates, throughout Namibia on the importance of protecting wild life, their environment and how to co-exist.


We pride ourselves on the good standing we have with local government and hunting associations. (local and international)


A Country of Breathtaking Beauty

Rated as one of the most beautiful countries on earth, Namibia is any hunter’s paradise.

Namibia is located in southwest Africa and is distinguished by the Namib Desert along its Atlantic



The country is well known for its extreme contrast with desert meeting ocean, bushveld,

savannahs and rocky mountains.


The country has a diverse wildlife; boasting significant populations. This is due to the fact that

animal populations are controlled by a fine balance of Hunting & Conservation working hand in hand.

Namibia will give you a challenging hunt with vast array of Wildlife species.

It is hunter friendly country that is conservation oriented and has been an example of how things

should be done.


Friendly, Diverse and Unspoilt

Zambia has got a diverse terrain, including lush river valleys, Kalahari bushveld, plateau woodland

and huge swamps.All these terrains contain a great variety of species.


Zambia is one of the best places in Africa to hunt dangerous game such as lion, leopard,

buffalo and elephant, as well as a great variety of plains game.


The finest sable in Africa are

found in Zambia, as well as several unique species found nowhere else. These include the

Kafue Lechwe, Black Lechwe and Cookson’s Wildebeest.


The West Musalungu concession spans over 620000 hectares. It is situated above the Northern

border of the North Luangwa National Park and also

borders the Luangwa river to the East.


This area offers one of the finest wilderness experiences

in Zambia, if not Africa itself.

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