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Dzombo Hunting Safaris can assist in arranging some additional sightseeing, interesting excursions or alternative activities for  our  travelers and observers.


Dzombo Hunting Safaris offer an equally exciting African Safari in Namibia to any non-hunter who may be accompanying the hunting safari. They can join the hunting party in the bush, do a photographic safari with their own guide and excursions can be arranged to National Parks and coastal towns as an added activity.


We would be happy to arrange an itinerary and guide for your tour, according to your interests and the time you have available. 


Our coastal towns offer a variety of activities. Take a boat tour and feed some seals, enjoy fresh oysters and sparkling wine on the Walvis Bay lagoon and go for a 4x4 tour through the dunes.

Every detail will be planned and taken care of during your private excursions and tours.


Below is a list of some of the sightseeing opportunities available in Namibia.


Windhoek, the capital of Namibia, is the perfect place for some souvenir or luxury goods shopping.

It is possible to experience the city in one day but we advise that you plan an overnight stay to enjoy all that Windhoek has to offer.The centre of Windhoek is characterised by German style buildings, restaurants serve traditional German food for the most part. You can also enjoy beer from the local brewery.

There are several shops that offer luxury goods items like elegant ostrich, crocodile or python skin handbags. There are shops with high quality leather and fur goods from every conceivable kind of animal for every purpose- from outerwear to home furnishings.

There are a few fine jewelry boutiques featuring many rare and colorful gemstones that are native to Namibia, especially tourmalines and diamonds.


Erindi Private Game Reserve  is a protected reserve in central Namibia. Erindi, meaning “place of water”, is a sustainable natural wonderland just three hours north of Windhoek. 

Etosha National Park Tour 

A tour of Namibia would be incomplete without a visit to Etosha National Park. In Etosha you can stay at one of the four lodges within the park, especially for those who wish to experience the exceptional night game viewing. At the floodlit waterholes it is common to see Elephant, Black and White Rhinoceros, Lion, Leopard, Hyena as well as rarely seen nocturnal species.

This huge sanctuary is home to over 100 mammal species including many rare and endangered animals.

If you wish to stay at Erindi we need to make prior reservations for this excursion.



Swakopmund Tour 


Swakopmund, a colonial German town and Namibia’s premier holiday resort, offers beautiful seaside promenades with a variety of activities available to people of all ages.

You will be  staying at an excellent hotel on the coast. In the evenings you will enjoy delicious meals at restaurants many of which specialize in fresh caught seafood, including the local rock lobster and oysters.

Using the city as our hub we can tour the Namib Desert, home to extraordinary landscapes, animals and plant life. Unique to the Desert in this region is the oldest living plant in the world, the Welwitschia Mirabilis, an octopus like giant which can reach 2000 years of age. We can view the “Moon Landscape” created by the mighty Swakop River flowing towards the sea, that has been sculpting and eroding the land for millions of years until it created an unearthly effect, or the spectacular contrast of the orange sand dunes meeting the Atlantic Ocean.

Walvis Bay Nature Reserve, which can be toured by land, boat or kayak, is a wetland bird sanctuary home to, at any given time, as many as 200,000 birds such as Flamingo, Pelican and Sand Piper. There is also an opportunity take a dolphin cruise where you can see dolphins, seals and sometimes even encounter whales.

Some more leisurely time may be spent exploring the quaint town of Swakopmund itself. You can do a bit of shopping, check out the art galleries, cafes, take a seaside walk on the promenade, the beach and jetty, visit the local museums, snake park or aquarium.

There is shark and deep sea fishing, shore angling, hot air ballooning, sand dune carting, quad-biking, sand-boarding, sand-skiing, parasailing, parachuting and several other adrenaline inducing guided activities.


Sossusvlei Tour


The bright red-orange crescent shaped sand dunes at Sossusvlei are one of Namibia’s top attractions and reputed to be the highest dunes in the world. At around 1066 feet (325 meters) high, these ever changing, wind sculpted giants are truly a spectacular and impressive site. Sossusvlei is so overwhelmingly beautiful that many people say that visiting the undulating dune sea is one of the most memorable experiences of their lifetime.



Cheetah Conservation Fund Center Half Day Visit 


Visit the Cheetah Conservation Fund (CCF)

The Education Center provides visitors the opportunity to learn more about the behavior and biology of the Cheetah and the Namibian ecosystem that supports Africa’s highest population of Cheetah. This excursion includes the visit of the museum, observing Cheetahs in enclosures and viewing the daily Cheetah feedings.



Waterberg Plateau National Park Tour 

Waterberg Plateau is one of the most magnificent geological formations in Namibia.

The reserve’s dramatic vertical cliffs rise more than 650 feet (200 meters) above the surrounding plains, creating natural boundaries which help protect the rare and endangered species that have been successfully resettled there to ensure their survival.

Since 1972, the 100,000 acre (41.000 hectares) sanctuary has become a prosperous natural breeding environment for the highly endangered Black and White Rhinoceros and home to Cape Buffalo, Roan Antelope, Sable Antelope and Tsessebe to name a few.



Tiger Fishing on the Okavango River

A great extension to your hunting safari is to fish the spectacular Okavango River for the mighty tigerfish as well as large mouth bream, tilapia and catfish during the season from September to December. The Okavango River lies between Namibia and Angola and takes a six hour drive to reach- therefore four days are required to enjoy a couple of days of fishing.

Tigerfish are considered the finest and hardest fighting freshwater game fish around. They are ferocious hunters and right at the top of the food chain in the rivers and lakes where they live. A great catch for someone who is both a hunter and fisherman!

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