"Plains game, hunting is the pure essence of Africa, complete with golden orange sunrises and sunsets, sweater bundling cold mornings and warm comfortable days returning to cool evenings complete with campfire and well-earned “sundowners”. 


It is long thrilling stalks, shooting off of sticks and taking handsome spiral and straight horned antelope, some hardly bigger than a rabbit to those larger in body than black death Cape buffalo, essentially including diminutive dik-dik to steenbok to klipspringers to brightly colored springbok, golden impala, fleet of foot red hartebeest and gemsbok, to blue and black wildebeest the clown of the plains, to handsome nyala arguably the most beautiful of all antelope to majestic greater kudu and regal sable on up to the near one ton-sized eland, as well as various animals in between like the most interesting wart hog and striped zebra.


Special memories are created upon seeing and pursuing these awe-inspiring plains game, which after being put into the salt will later be will even more appreciated at dinner. 


Dzombo Safaris is all this and more, where you journey begins!"


                                                                                                                                   -Larry Weishuhn

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