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NAMIBIA - Desert Lodge

Nestled in the oldest desert in the world, deep within the mountains of Southern Namibia is Dzombo's Desert Camp, a true 5 star hunting lodge.  


Carved out of the rugged mountains, the Desert Encampment gives way to grassy plains and herds of plains game ramble over a terrain that invites you to become one with nature.  


Stalk your animal with a gun or a camera ... your shot will be breathtaking. Listen to the late night roar of the leopard as he challenges all comers with the promise of a heart-stopping adventure.


Return to the lodge where your gracious hosts will serve you the finest food and wine as you relax in this private and luxurious  world.  Wake to a mountain sunrise painting the sky in glorious colors and listen as the animals whisper their invitation to once again, join the hunt.



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