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  • 3 x t-shirts

  • 2 x long sleeve shirts (khaki or olive green)

  • 1 x sweatshirt / fleece

  • 2 x pairs of comfortable shorts

  • 2 x pairs of cotton trousers/pants (khaki or olive green)

  • 4 x pairs of socks and underwear

  • 1 x belt

  • 1x hat / cap

  • Swimsuit

  • Lightweight, durable, waterproof hiking shoes/boots

  • Flip flops, sandals or Teva’s for around camp

  • Additional clothes when hunting during the cold winter months

  • (May-Sept): 1 x Warm padded jacket (Cammo, khaki or olive green), 1x pair of gloves,

  • 1x Beanie, 1x buff and long underwear.

  • Personal documentation: ID, airline tickets, rifle license, invitation letters, emergency contact list and copies of all documents.

  • Personal items: Cash, toiletries, sunglasses, reading glasses, sunscreen, any prescribed medication (if applicable), cellphone and iPad charger, power adapter (Local power 220V) and leisure reading books.

  • Hunting gear: camera, knife, ammo belt, binoculars, telescope, hunting backpack, flashlight, hunting gaiters or leggings, and insect repellent.

  • The risk of malaria is in most of the low Altitudes in Africa. Dzombo Hunting Safaris will

  • advice when Location is chosen. Adequate clothing, as well as mosquito repellent, are

  • important to minimize mosquito bites.

  • Each hunter is also advised to bring a small personal medical kit with necessary

  • preferred medication for headaches, colds, burns, allergies etc.

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