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 “He is there! To the sticks!  Aim carefully and shoot straight! Then immediately reload and shoot again until I tell you to quit!” whispers your Professional Hunter as he points you to your quarry. 

Many nights of dreaming, hours of planning, and now a long successful stalk masterminded by you PH had put you within near touching distance of this monstrous animal, be it an elephant, hippo, Cape buffalo or leopard. 


Your heart beats trying to seemingly escape through your throat.  The moment of truth is at hand.  You concentrate on the exact spot to place your bullet, gently pull the trigger. “He’s down, he’s down!  But reload and shoot again, then top off the ammo in your rifle!” says your PH as he pounds you on the back in congratulating you on your animal. 


You watch the down animal for another thirty seconds through your scope, then assured he is dead you turn to see the smiling faces of the trackers and accept the hands in a well done salute.


There is nothing you will ever experience like hunting dangerous game regardless of the species pursued! And there is no finer safari company to pursue dangerous game than Dzombo Safaris where every attention is paid to details to insure you of having a truly successful hunt."

                                                                                                                                 -Larry Weishuhn



There are 4 phases that take place when it comes to your Trophies .


Phase 1 : Field Preparation

Dzombo hunting Safaris will take care of Field Preparation , which is included in your daily rates .

Field Preparation includes the skinning, cleaning and salting of a trophies on the hunt .


Phase 2 : Dip & Pack ( 6 - 12 months for preparation to be exported ) 


Dzombo Hunting Safaris will drop off the trophies, after a hunt, at a local taxidermy of our or clients choice .

The local taxidermists is then responsible for all trophies that arrived .

Before any trophies are aloud to be shipped they must be treated with special chemicals and skulls must be clean.


Phase 3 : Shipment of Trophies

Once Dip & Pack is completed a local broker has to get all the documents in order to ship the trophies to their end destination. The broker will collect the trophies from local taxidermy, box them according to export standards and then they will be ready to ship- once all the paperwork is in order . 


Phase 4 :  Broker

Each client needs a broker from  his/her country that can do all the local paperwork and get trophies trough customs and to the destination of the client’s choice . 



Our Advice:

Clients can use the Local African Taxidermy to complete the taxidermy work . 


The client will have to make separate payments after the hunt to get the trophies.

Clients will have to pay for the dip & pack, handling of the trophies by both brokers .

The price will depend on the size of the box and the number of the trophies . An estimated price will be about an extra US $ 2 500 to get it to the prefered destination . 

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